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Steps to Paint Motorcycle Fairings and Making it gorgeous  




Motor cycle is one of the automobile which is all time favorite among the teenagers group especially. They all are crazy about the bikes more than the cars.  That is the reason they love to spend a lot of amount on the bike and the car paint. Motorcycle fairing has also gain the popularity. Bikers usually purchase fairings from the brands to switch the old one which they got from the showrooms in the starting. Fairings bear the brunt of riders’.  Fairings are also to flaunt the passion of the bikers it advertise their favorite rider’s no. or also your favorite racing team. Rash driving adversely effects on fairings it can damage them in the worst way.

There are so many things which you will experience day by day that can spoil your fairings. Many bikers don’t take it seriously and ride their bikes with the messed fairings because many of them are not aware of repairing them. But it can be repaired because you replace them. You can make them attractive by applying fairing paint for motorcycles. We all know that to get the fairings repaired from the market can costs you so high so there are some few steps which you can follow and can easily paint your fairings.

Firstly, find a place where you can perform this action.  Once you find the area now start performing. Firstly remove the old paint by using 80 grid sandpaper.

Remember to check whether the body of the fairing is leveled and smooth. And if not so then repair the dents and the other damages. You can’t paint before fixing it.

Cover your headlights with the tape so that the paint doesn’t reach there.

Now by using spray gun put a thick coat. Let it dry completely.

Once completed now use 400 grit sandpaper lightly and now spray with the help of spray gun and this time it should be the lighter one. Now let it dry and apply it only if the first one is completely dry.

Now your new fresh painted fairings are ready.  You can  visit here to know more about bike paint.

Here you can a lot more about the motorcycle fairing paints. The colors are available online in great range of varieties. Also you can find the high range of paints available to paint your car also. Car paints are also available in different patterns and colors. We all think that whatever the vehicle which we are using should look good. If they become old, they look not good so to make them look good again; you can paint them with the more exciting colors available online with the wide variety of price range. You should paint finely so that your bike or car looks stunning. The coat on car should be darker because the area on car is wider then bike and is more visible.